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    "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much" - Helen Keller

    I do most of my coaching virtually. This is convenient for you to be able to receive coaching in the comfort of your own home.


    Not sure about online coaching? I totally get it! I used to feel the same way...until I tried it.

    Set up a consult to meet with me online and see what you think: Book a FREE Initial Coaching Consultation with Julie


    I also offer in-person coaching on a limited basis in Boulder, CO. To book 'in person' sessions and packages, please email me.


    Note that I structure my coaching in PACKAGES, not single sessions. There are several benefits to this that we will discuss during our initial consultation.


    So then who are single sessions for?


    Single sessions (with the exception of Power Sessions) are for:

    • New clients who want a longer initial conversation than the free 30 minute Initial Consult
    • Existing clients who want to add an extra session during their package
    • Former clients who need a "refresher"

    Coaching Packages - Virtual:

    Coaching Sessions - Virtual:

    In Person Sessions - Boulder, CO

    To book an In-Person Package or inquire about sessions, please email juliegillaspie@me.com.

    ...OR if you are ready to dive in and really go for it, you can book an intensive in person power session here:

    The Framework:

    Intimate relationship is a fast track to learning about our own vulnerabilities and triggers. It is a container which reveals all sorts of parts of ourselves that are uncomfortable and hard to face. Unfortunately, this is the point at which most people stop, preferring to blame and complain instead of doing the more challenging (and more rewarding) work of learning to understand themselves more deeply... but when we do the work to get through the triggers and conflict and fear, we find deeper understanding and intimacy waiting on the other side.


    As your coach:

    I will help you tune into and develop a greater sense of self awareness and empowerment through relationship. My approach to relationship coaching integrates a model of personal responsibility with attachment based theory.


    I will help you discover the beliefs or issues within yourself that may be keeping you from getting all you want out of your life and relationship.


    I will provide tools to help you to deepen into yourself, develop a greater understanding of your partner, and work toward your specific goals.


    I will both challenge and support you along the way, to help you to see your blind spots and to help you to realize the immense possibility you are capable of achieving.


    I coach people who are ready to do the work, ready to face themselves, and ready to work through conflict and fear to get to a place of more expansion and more authentic connection.


    So, ask yourself --- Am I ready to:

    • Stop repeating old patterns of behavior
    • Understand myself on a deeper level
    • Express myself more authentically
    • Experience deeper more real connection
    • Create a more expanded awareness of myself and my partner
    • Empower myself to stand in my truth
    • Increase my capacity to love and be loved
    • Stay more present and connected when I am triggered
    • Navigate conflict quicker without sacrificing my own needs
    • Do the work to free myself up to live life to its fullest

    If you are a YES to any of the above, I would love to support you on your journey of personal and relational growth.

    Download New Client Forms:

  • “I believe the greatest gift I can conceive of having from anyone is to be seen by them, heard by them, to be understood and touched by them.”


    virginia satir

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