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    Create the strongest love relationship of your life. Feel seen, understood and valued.

    Relationship Empowerment Breakthrough System (REBS)


    The Relationship Empowerment Breakthrough System (REBs) is my proven signature coaching system that I use when working with my clients.


    This system is for Individuals & Couples who are fed up with repeating the same old relationship patterns that end in pain and frustration, who feel misunderstood or unseen, and who want to break the cycle and create a relationship that feels empowering and supportive.


    Using the REB system, I will help you, wherever you are in your personal journey, go from feeling frustrated and not getting your needs & desires met to creating a fulfilling relationship that is a source of strength, energy, and deep connection.

    After all, nothing is more important, more valuable, and has more of a direct effect on your health and happiness than the quality of your relationships, particularly your primary love relationship.


    Don’t wait to have the happiness and love you deserve. Find your way out of the struggle and into a stronger more fulfilling love…and life, NOW.



    Relationship Empowerment Breakthrough System

    What’s Included:


    1. The 5 Foundations of Empowered Relationships*

    A visual model to help you see where you are, where you want to be, what your triggers and blocks are that are keeping you stuck, and exactly what you need to do to feel inspired to transform your current situation into one where you are really fulfilled and empowered.


    2. Give and Receive… to Get What you Need

    Get to the bottom of what you need and want in relationship, and learn how to feel good asking for it! (+ communicate in a way you will be heard & received)


    3. REBS 7 Steps to Empowered Connection*

    Learn 7 proven key steps to feel more seen, understood, valued…and connected! Each step includes specific tools plus guidance on how to apply them to your unique situation.


    4. Conflict Revolution

    Learn how how to diffuse conflict and get back into connection fast! Real time guidance through conflict PLUS a map to use outside of sessions to help you navigate your way from despair to repair.


    5. Emotional Regulation Facilitation

    Learn exactly what you need to regulate your emotions and reactions (plus help your partner or future partner feel more calm and open to you).


    6. Relationship School® Tools

    The REB system includes variety of proven, highly effective tools/methods as taught by The Relationship School®.


    * For a limited time, you get BOTH the 5 Foundations of Empowered Relationships AND the 7 Steps to Empowered Connection included in the SAME package.



    I structure my coaching in PACKAGES, not single sessions so that I can serve you, my client, to the deepest level possible.


    I offer a premium 6 month coaching package as well as flexible monthly coaching packages.


    For more info about packages, email Julie or schedule a time to have a deeper conversation during a Relationship Empowerment Breakthrough Session.



    Single sessions are for:

    • New clients who want a longer Initial Conversation than the free 30 minute Breakthrough Session
    • Existing clients who want to add an extra session during their package
    • Former clients who need a "refresher"


    Email juliegillaspie@me.com if you would like more info about coaching packages or to inquire about scheduling a single coaching session.

    Virtual Coaching:

    I do most of my coaching virtually. This is convenient for you to be able to receive coaching in the comfort of your own home.


    Not sure about online coaching? I totally get it! I used to feel the same way...until I tried it.

    Set up a time to meet with me online and see what you think: Book a FREE Relationship Empowerment Breakthrough Session

    In Person Coaching - Boulder, CO

    If you live in the Boulder, CO area and want to learn more about In-Person Coaching &/or schedule a FREE In-Person Relationship Empowerment Breakthrough session, email juliegillaspie@me.com.

    The Framework:

    Relationships are a fast track to learning about our own vulnerabilities and triggers and often reveal parts of ourselves that are uncomfortable and hard to face.


    The good news is, if you are willing to do the challenging (and rewarding) work of learning how to get through your discomfort, triggers and fear, you will find deeper understanding & intimacy waiting on the other side.



    As your coach:

    I will help you tune into and develop a greater sense of self awareness and empowerment through relationship. My approach to relationship coaching integrates a model of personal responsibility with attachment based theory.


    I will help you discover the beliefs or issues within yourself that may be keeping you from getting all you want out of your life and relationship.


    I will provide tools to help you to deepen into yourself, develop a greater understanding of your partner, and work toward your specific goals.


    I will both challenge and support you along the way, to help you to see your blind spots and to help you to realize the immense possibility you are capable of feeling and achieving.



    So, ask yourself --- Am I ready to:

    • Stop repeating old patterns of behavior
    • Feel seen, understood and valued
    • Create a relationship that is a source of strength, energy, and deep connection
    • Get my needs and desires met
    • Understand myself as deeply as possible
    • Understand my partner (or the kind of partner I want to attract) on a deeper level
    • Express myself more fully and feel good about doing it
    • Increase my capacity to love and be loved
    • Stay more present and connected when I am triggered
    • Empower myself to stand in my truth
    • Navigate conflict quicker without sacrificing myself
    • Do the work to free myself up to live life to its fullest

    If you are a YES to any of the above, I would love to support you on your journey of personal and relational growth.

  • “I believe the greatest gift I can conceive of having from anyone is to be seen by them, heard by them, to be understood and touched by them.”


    virginia satir

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