• Create a fulfilling and empowering relationship where you feel seen, understood and valued​.

    Hello and welcome. As a therapeutic Relationship and Love Coach, I help individuals and couples who feel disconnected and frustrated in love to transform their relationships from a source of stress into a source of strength.


    That's right... You can have an intimate relationship that is actually a source of energy, strength, and renewal that infuses and empowers the other areas of your life.


    As my client, I will help you to create a fulfilling and empowering relationship where you feel seen, understood and valued.


    So, if you are tired of conflict, not getting your needs met, and feeling stressed out in your relationship, it's time to do something about it...


    ...because, let's face it - having deep meaningful relationships is the most essential piece to living a fulfilled life. (Re: 75 Year Harvard Study)


    Book a FREE Relationship Empowerment Breakthrough Session with Julie


    As a coach, I will work with you to help you transform your life through the quality of your relationships AND to gain more confidence, more choices, and more personal power in the process.


    The more you expand your awareness, the more you expand your capacity for connection AND the more you tap into the power you have inside of you to live in alignment with your most authentic self. This is the foundation of my work coaching clients.


    My coaching integrates a therapeutic style based in presence - experiencing emotion and sensation in the "here and now" - combined with tools to enable you to be more in tune with yourself and your partner. We will explore what is present for you now, what is lacking, and where you desire to go so you can create the fulfilling life and relationships you really want.

      Learn more about Coaching with Julie


      Gaining a deeper understanding of yourself empowers you to bring your true most authentic self expression to your relationships and to gain connection from that place. Instead of sacrificing your truth, squashing your inner voice, or succumbing to other peoples values, you get to hold yourself steady and solid and advocate for what you want and need. If you are a 'YES' to that, schedule a free initial conversation with me and we will dive into exactly what you need to do to finally get the relationship you want.



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      Let's dive in together....

    • What my clients are saying...

      My clients experience profound results. Here is what they have to say in their own words:

      Mark & Cecilia - Toronto, Canada

      Meditation Instructor & Life Coach-Long Term Committed Partnership

      "There was a point where we were actually fighting, and she was a really great referee. She would slow us down and say, "What's going on with you? Now what's going on with you? Let's bring this all together". She did it in a way that was really fair and allowed me to feel seen . . . We both felt very held, we both felt very seen. There was never a feeling that she was sort of one on one side or the other . . . It's just helped our relationship tremendously going forward. It's not like we don't ever fight now, but now we have the tools to be able to see each other, and to really connect in a caring, loving way."

      Lisa - Denver, CO

      Nurse - In Committed Partnership

      "I worked on a really traumatic issue with Julie. In addition to being incredibly supportive and compassionate, Julie was impressively perceptive, helping me to identify the parts of myself that I was judging, and skillfully guiding me through a process to help me dissolve the shame and guilt I was feeling. As a result of working with Julie, I was able to come to a place of acceptance and gratitude for myself, and also gain a greater awareness of how I want to show up and work toward becoming the person I want to be in this world. I highly recommend Julie's coaching- it was deeply impactful for me."

      Alex - Manchester, UK

      Entrepreneur & Sales Director - Single/Dating

      "Julie helped me learn how to be true to myself. She gave me strategies that are helpful in dating situations. She provided me with advice and clarity about the proper way to speak to women I'm interested in. Julie helped me to understand a woman's perspective, and made me realize how my words could come across to women. Most importantly, through Julie's guidance, I learned that it's okay to be vulnerable. The more I show my true self, the better chance I have of having a lasting relationship with someone who likes me as I am!"

      Ana - Seattle, WA

      Software Release Manager - In Committed Relationship

      "Julie's coaching sessions have been extremely valuable to me. I sought her because I'd often feel frozen in fear and I didn't know how to speak up my needs without feeling a burden. I appreciate all the skills she brings to our sessions, her gentleness, directness, attentive listening, intuition, empathy and humor. After doing working with Julie, I feel more empowered, relaxed and present in all areas of my life. I know how to regulate myself through strong emotions and I feel comfortable asking others for what I need."

      Gaby - Santa Barbara, CA

      Sales Associate - Single/Dating

      "With Julie's help, I have become more aware of what is preventing me from being present with people. She guided me through questions to help me understand how and why I struggle to remain present. I have learned to push through what is going on in my head to continue being present in the moment. Throughout our time together, I felt heard and like Julie was a mirror and was able to understand and summarize my convoluted thoughts and actions. She helped put a plan together to continue moving forward and heal."

      Michelle - Denver, CO

      Recently Single & Training to be a Coach

      "I started working with Julie earlier this year when I was struggling in a secure relationship. I didn't have very good self-esteem and I really wasn't sure what I wanted anymore. I knew I needed help getting unstuck . . . Over the course of the next few months, Julie was able to help me find the courage to walk away from a relationship that was no longer meeting my needs. With her help, I was able to grow and move forward at a much faster pace than I would've on my own."

    • Read more testimonials from clients who have completely transformed their lives & relationships:

      Mike & Melinda - California

      Analyst & Nutritionalist - Married 20 Years

      "My wife and I agree, Julie literally saved our marriage. We were on the doorstep of separation after 18 years of ups and downs. In order to convince ourselves that we had given our relationship every possible chance, we contacted Julie on a trusted friend’s recommendation. We talked openly before our first meeting that at least we could use Julie for guidance through a respectful separation. 9 months later I can honestly say we could not have been more fortunate to have found Julie.
      I admit I was skeptical meeting remotely via video conference, fearing the nuances of human communication would be lost. My fears were happily, wrong. Julie relied on her attentive listening skills and detailed observation of non-verbal cues to overcome any perceived barriers of video meetings. My wife and I both felt a surprising connection with Julie despite being in another state.
      Julie’s patient and insightful assessment of the underlying issues that had been plaguing our relationship led to actionable behaviors and ‘home work’ that helped my wife and I realize we were still closer than either of us thought. Julie gave us solid and effective communication tools that helped us to be more thoughtful, present, and civil, even when we disagreed passionately about life’s issues. Through dedicated practice (and many failed or less than ideal marital interactions) and consistent check-ins, Julie has guided us to a place where we feel as connected as we ever have. To be clear, our journey was, and remains, challenging work for both my wife and I, but our growth with Julie has been a path of serious introspection and commitment to improving our relationship with guidance from a practiced and effective coach. Julie provided consistent feedback, which was sometimes hard to hear, to help us navigate through challenging times. We are grateful for Julie's kind attention and guidance.

      Nina, Bellingen, Australia

      Teacher - Separated Co-parenting Relationship

      "I worked with Julie during a time of transition. I was being asked to speak up for myself to people who weren’t treating me well. I found that my time with Julie covered so much, and that her perception was very attuned to my psyche and my inner growth. The conversations flowed naturally and I felt myself feeling more free and solid as a result. Julie uses the relationship work guided by Jayson Gaddis, whose work is wonderful because it doesn’t cycle over painful past experience, but it does sit with understanding the past. The work invited a growing edge to emerge and inspired me to ask for what I want moving forward. I truly feel the profoundness and usefulness of relationship coaching, as relationships are crucial to every facet of living. Thank you Julie."

      Holly & Bob - California

      Married 20 Years with Kids

      "Julie - Thank you so much for your gift of presence each session we have with you. I so appreciate you helping us to bring our love back into our relationship. You really are such a gift. My words cannot express the deep gratitude I feel for the gift of love you help us to unearth each hour we spend with you."

      Taylor, 34 - Seattle, WA

      Senior Project Manager - Single/Dating (Post 5 year Committed Relationship)

      "Julie has been instrumental in guiding me to develop relationship skills to create the confidence in standing up for an effective, loving, growth focused relationship. By challenging me to stick to what I say I want and pushing me to get clearer on what I want, I have been able to unlock new possibilities."

      Cesar, 37 - Boulder, CO

      Purpose Coach - Long Distance Committed Relationship

      "Julie's ability to listen well and identify the core issue is a breath of fresh air. She has a wealth of tools and life experience that she brings to the work of relationships. Most of all, Julie is kind and firm, which I deeply appreciate in a coach. I would work with her again in a heartbeat."

      Cecilia, Toronto, Ontario

      Life Coach - Long Term Committed Partnership

      "Wow - Julie really held the container for us in a stable, solid, non-confrontational way. She gave us tools when needed. She held an impartiality that I appreciated. She also helped us to do some really important work around our needs. Some specific results we experienced are: 1) My partner and I are more likely to use non-confrontational language when things get heated 2) I am aware that I have serious issues regarding understanding my needs (before, I was oblivious to this) 3) My partner and I are more aware of where we go off-track regarding our sex life. Coming out of coaching I now feel much better about communication with my partner and much more confident at navigating challenges together."

      Joe & Brooke, Denver, CO

      Small Business Owners - 12 year Committed Partnership

      "Julie was incredibly helpful in resolving some issues that my partner and I were struggling to navigate. She brought clear perspective to our problem and offered several tools to aid us with our communication skills as well as our ability to handle conflict in a constructive manner. Since implementing the tools that Julie suggested, we have noticed a drastic improvement in how we communicate with each other and how quickly we are able to repair the relationship after conflict. Thanks Julie."

      Mark, 44, Toronto, Canada

      Meditation Instructor - 3 Year Committed Partnership / Engaged

      "Our issue is that we are planning to get married and we wanted to go into marriage with our eyes open. We needed to look at several issues that we just had not gotten around to looking at. Julie was a magnificent help. She really holds the container and shows real compassion and discernment when it comes to who needs the attention, when to focus on someone, and how to get to the bottom of the issue. Several issues that were fights for us became unraveled as a result of Julie's gentle but firm coaching. As a result, we were able to work through a number of issues that both of us were a bit afraid to dive into before."

      Michelle - Denver, CO

      Recently Single & Training to be a Coach

      "I recently found myself wanting to end a six-year relationship. I was struggling with low self-esteem and owning my needs. I knew I needed help processing my experience and another coach at The Relationship School® recommended Julie. When I started working with Julie I was at a real low point. Over the next several months Julie helped me find the courage to leave an unhealthy relationship, own my needs and stand in my truth and face some of the issues from childhood that I had not fully addressed. I found her ability to intuitively know what I needed at each step remarkable. She was able to both hold a safe space for me to process my feelings and challenge me to look at old belief systems and patterns that were no longer serving me. I feel that with Julie’s help I have taken steps to move forward and grow at a much faster pace then I would have on my own. I’m so pleased I choose to work with Julie as my coach. I would recommend her to anyone who finds they need extra support and has the motivation to take on their growth work."

      Gregg, 53, New York

      Writer & Entrepreneur - Single/Dating

      "Julie is a great listener and at the same time was very capable of challenging me on issues that were difficult for me to see. She is extremely present and helped me tremendously in seeing the areas where I lose connection in relationship. I recommend Julie to anyone that wants to go deeper and feel a more profound connection to themselves."

      Luisa, 30 - Boulder, CO

      Music Instructor - Single/Dating

      "Julie got right to the heart of my situation. In a very short amount of time, she was able to help me identify two core issues that were affecting the ways that I view my relationships, and she gave suggestions for how to further explore these issues within myself. If you are on the fence about whether to work with Julie, take the plunge--it will be worth it!"

      Jen, 37 - Carmel Valley, CA

      United States Navy - Long Term Committed Partnership

      "Words can't describe how much my life has changed in a successful way since I've had Julie as my coach! She is insightful, patient, non-judgmental, knowledgeable, compassionate - and she calls me out when I need be. Julie took me out of a victim's mindset and put me into an empowered mindset. My attitude and outlook on life in general has completely changed. She helped me realize that I deserve what I want, what is realistic and what is not. She made me take responsibility for my decisions! I am in just such a better place!"

      Rebecca, 38 - Newburgh, NY

      Speech-Language Pathologist - Single

      "When I started coaching with Julie, my sense of reality was very shaky after recently ending a relationship, and Julie’s support helped me to learn to trust myself again. I had lost the woman I once was, and Julie helped me find her again. I am stronger and healthier now than I have ever been in my entire adult life. Julie gave me confidence in myself again, and helped me to discover the things that have held me back in love. I'm still a work in progress, but I know the work I have done with Julie has helped me establish a sturdy foundation to continue building upon!"

    • “It takes courage...to endure the sharp pains of self discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.”


      marriane williamson

    • I offer a variety of coaching packages based on my signature Relationship Empowerment Breakthrough System that include personalized 1:1 coaching sessions, practical tools, email support, accountability & a lot more.


      Questions? Let's have a powerful conversation and see if we are a good fit to work together.

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      Julie Gillaspie
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